Meet Matteo

I am many things. Here's a few of them.

Husband and "cat daddy"

I've been married to my wonderful wife for 7+ years and we have 3 cats keeping us company / driving us insane.

Software engineer

I've started learning web development on my own in high school, and graduated in computer science shortly after.
After working as an employee for a few years, I ventured out in freelance consulting, development and team leading.

The Wozniak to your Jobs

I love working with marketing savvy entrepreneurs, because we complete each other: they bring the vision and marketing acumen, I bring the technical know-how to make things happen.

Matteo Greco developing a WordPress plugin
Matteo Greco and wife smiling at their wedding
Matteo Greco holding his cat
Matteo Greco and wife enjoying the sun in Antibes
Matteo Greco playing drums with his bandmates
Matteo Greco playing his acoustic guitar
Matteo Greco and wife in a photoshopped image where they terrorize London Godzilla style
Matteo Greco playing Train Simulator


My main instrument is the drums, but I can also play guitar, bass guitar and a little bit of piano. I've also attempted to play violin, flute, trumpet and can sing a little (very little).

Gamer & nerd

I love simulation and strategy videogames, but occasionally enjoy an RPG or MMO. I've also played D&D for a few years, a while back.


Introversion is something I've struggled to understand and accept, but is part of who I am. I don't mind social events, but need to schedule alone time to recharge.


Turn inspiring visions into
profitable products

I guide entrepreneurs and their teams taking on challenging and rewarding projects that make them money, earn raving reviews and improve their skills. Here's how:

  • Ownership

    I fully accept the responsibility that comes from taking on any challenge. It is up to me to fulfill the expectations I set.

  • Mastery

    I strive to deliver products that meet the highest level of quality. I strongly believe this investment pays off in the long run.

  • Curiosity

    I take time asking the right questions and researching the right tech before writing a single line of code.

  • Forward thinking

    I make efforts to build maintainable and scalable products that won't need to be completely redone in 6 months.

Matteo Greco smiling at the camera in front of a brick wall
  • 15+

    Years of Experience

  • 100+

    Projects completed

  • 5✰

    On Codementor

My Projects

What am I working on?

Here's my most recent projects.

  • Automatic.css

    Automatic.css is the #1 voted CSS framework for WordPress page builders. I'm leading the development and overseeing the project.

    Check out Automatic.css
  • Frames

    Frames is an accessible, design-ready development library to cut website creation time in half. I'm helping as a developer and project overseer.

    Check out Frames
  • ChiocciaLab

    ChiocciaLab is a freelance incubator where I work as a business mentor, helping young freelancers create better relationships with their clients.

    Check out ChiocciaLab

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