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I'm Matteo Greco, a software engineer and technical strategist based in Genoa, Italy. I lead small teams in creating ambitious WordPress products that:

  • 💰 Boost their profits

  • 🙌 Delight their customers

  • 💪 Elevate their skills

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Matteo Greco, freelance WordPress developer

About me

Meet Matteo

I’ve been involved in the world of web development for over 15 years, teaming up with creative entrepreneurs who have a knack for marketing. Together, we’ve brought their unique visions to life by blending their marketing savvy with my technical expertise.

As a software engineer and consultant, I absolutely love diving into complex problems. I thrive on defining what done looks like, exploring the best technologies, and crafting thoughtful plans to overcome challenges.

When I lead a team, my aim is to ensure smooth execution according to our plans, all the while cultivating a culture of continuous learning, curiosity, and innovative thinking within my teammates. It’s not just about ticking off tasks; I believe in creating an environment where each person can contribute their best ideas and grow both personally and professionally.

Currently, you can find me at the forefront of developing Automatic.css, the go-to CSS Framework for WordPress Page Builders. I’m also deeply involved in creating Frames, an exciting real-time wireframing tool. Additionally, I offer business mentoring within ChiocciaLab, a freelance incubator based in Italy.

When I’m not in work mode, you’ll likely catch me immersed in simulation or strategic video games, indulging my musical side by playing drums and guitar (my favorite instruments), or embarking on wonderful trips with my incredible wife, Alessia.

Get to know me
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My Projects

What am I working on?

Here's my most recent projects.

  • Automatic.css

    Automatic.css is the #1 voted CSS framework for WordPress page builders. I'm leading the development and overseeing the project.

    Check out Automatic.css
  • Frames

    Frames is an accessible, design-ready development library to cut website creation time in half. I'm helping as a developer and project overseer.

    Check out Frames
  • ChiocciaLab

    ChiocciaLab is a freelance incubator where I work as a business mentor, helping young freelancers create better relationships with their clients.

    Check out ChiocciaLab


Reliable WordPress development, consulting and guidance

Do you ever catch yourself thinking “this project shouldn’t be THIS hard“?

Does your team often get stuck because of an unforeseen obstacle?

Do you spot market opportunities but your competitors get there quicker?

Here’s how I can help you tackle even the most challenging projects.


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on Codementor
  • Pivotal in the success of Automatic.css

    From the plugin’s architecture to its development, solving technical conflicts and tying in a completely separate product (Frames): Matteo is the person that all flows through before users ever get to see it. He’s laid back, thinks ahead when solving problems and communicates clearly. Anyone releasing a software-based product within the WordPress ecosystem can benefit from Matteo’s knowledge and expertise.

  • We’re not reinventing the wheel anymore

    Matteo helped us turn a legacy PHP script into a customizable and scalable plugin that seamlessly integrates with WordPress. Our landing page creation process required that we’d start from scratch every single time. Matteo’s plugin allowed us to create and deploy them much faster and effortlessly.

  • I finally feel we can tackle anything

    I met Matteo in 2019 when my agency was looking for a web developer. Matteo stood out for his technical skills and helpfulness. Since then we have worked on some challenging projects, including ecommerce websites that received hundreds of orders per minute, enterprise grade custom software and much more. I finally feel we can tackle anything that comes our way, no matter how complex.

My Tools

Here's some of the tech I like

From programming languages to workflow tools, server platoforms, payment methods and everything in between.

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